Next.js SaaS Boilerplate Generator

Save thousands of $$$ by using my SaaS (Next.js) Boilerplate. I've used many SaaS boilerplates and decided to create / release my own implementation of the perfect Next.js Boilerplate! Ship your project quicker and more efficiently using this advanced Next.js template!

You will receive the development docs as well as your boilerplate files within 24hrs after your purchase (this will be automated soon). In case you're struggling with anything related to the boilerplate, email me at

Built with SaaS MVP Generator - MikeAI

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Major Features


User Management

Sign In | Sign Up | Google Sign In | Password Reset



Cloud Storage by Supabase



Subscriptions | One-time Payments



Beautiful TailwindCSS dashboard built using

Dynamically Generated Menu

We generate your menu / drawer links as well as next.js /pages


Responsive Design

Responsive mobile-friendly dashboard


Dynamically Generated React Components

Based on the provided menu items, we generate boilerplate components for each /page


Database (PostgreSQL)

Supabase PostgreSQL database structure in prepared .sql scripts.


1hr of technical support

The boilerplate includes 1hr of my time to help you fix any issues during development.


Simple development

All client-facing components are prepared to be written in pure JavaScript. No TypeScript. No complications.



Core backend components are written in TypeScript for best reliability (you won't need to touch these).


AI Generated Components (Coming Soon)

AI Generated React Components based on your feature requirements